On a day that is otherwise like any other, a surprise awaits you.

As you arrive at your home, you notice that a curious letter rests on a table by the front door.

The envelope has no postage, and it wasn't there that morning. But nothing seems to have been disturbed, and the visitor has left no other signs of being there.

You pick up the letter to take a closer look.

The letter is in a small, square envelope. It looks like it may be some sort of invitation.
There is no writing, and the envelope is sealed. It is a high quality envelope that seems like what might be used for an invitation to a wedding or dinner party, but there are no other clues as to what may be inside.

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The letter is in a large envelope labeled 'Do Not Bend' with its flap sealed by a metal brad.
The envelope is a bit bigger than a piece of printer paper, and has enough weight that it must have a stack of it - or something thicker - inside. At first glance it had looked like a blank envelope - but now you can see that there is something written very faintly in pencil underneath the hasp-wings of the brad that seals the mysterious envelope.
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The letter is addressed to your first name in handwriting that you do not recognize.
It is the penmanship of a man, and the envelope is so light when you pick it up that you wonder if there might not be anything in it at all.
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The letter is addressed to you in a woman's handwriting that you instantly recognize.
You had forgotten what day it was, and how sweet that she did - the only other person left who knows of its importance.
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